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"A lot of times, trainers forget that there are other elements
of the movie going on, but Sue never forgot that".

Clint Eastwood, actor, director, producer.

Changeling, Gran Torino, J Edgar.


“Every animal trainer I’ve encountered has a lot of respect for Sue because she’s so loving and she manages to bring out the best in her animals through praise and positive reinforcement. She has a beautiful, intuitive communication with her dogs and a huge respect and care for them.  Its a pleasure to work with her”.

Reese Witherspoon, actress, producer.

Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2,  Legally Blondes.


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sue for many years. Sue worked on one of our most successful and viewed commercials, Jake Scott's Budweiser "Puppy Love". Prior to that, she has workd with us on numerous projects, features and commercials. She is an incredibly skilled and compassionate animal trainer. As a pet owner and animal lover, I can attest to Sue's kindness and way with animals.  Beyond her kindness, Sue is our go-to animal trainer because she values the safety and well-being of the animals. She is an absolute delight to have on set and an invaluable resource. Her ability to coordinate a job from start to finish, with attention to detail is partly due to over two decades in the business. Sue has my absolute recommendation and support".

Jules Daly, president/RSA Films.

For Jake Scott: Coca-Cola, Budweiser "Puppy Love" and "Lost Dog".

For Tony Scott: Marlboro, Crimson Tide, The Fan, Enemy of The State, Deja Vu.


"Sue is like Dr. Doolittle. From ducks to cats  to dogs, she makes them do impossible things. She just has a way  with animals and talks to them in a  language that perhaps you and I don't understand. Her animals only have eyes for her. A Hollywood sound stage is a large and noisy place-I've seen dogs fall apart in that environment. But with Sue's animals there's this instense focus on her.  She's the only thing that exists in the room, and thats a fascinating bond they have. Its a very stealthy process, watching a trainer and an animal work together.  There's a lot of whispering and signaling  that goes on. I was expecting "Sit! Down!" and shouting, but its not like that.  Its a very intimate little exchange that they do, and I've watched Sue guard the space she has between the animal and herself. Its a very hallowed space".        

Robert Luketic, director

Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law and  The Ugly Truth.


"I have had the honor and privilege of working with Sue Chipperton over the last 15 years. Sue is the consummate professional.  When I started directing, it dawned on me that a small group of people on any given set were as invested in the project and the outcome as I was.  Sue was and continues to be one of those people. She is always prepared and always ready when I call. “No” is not in her vocabulary.  If something seems impossible, Sue constantly presents solutions. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time on set and during training watching her work with the animals. No matter what I’ve asked her to do, from ducks running on treadmills to cat’s climbing drapes while the world explodes around them, she has delivered. She has a wonderful demeanor and calm. The most important thing I can say about Sue is:  The safety and care of the animals comes first. The end results depend on it
Hire sue, your crew and budget will thank you".


Steve Chase, director,

Budweiser, Aflac.

"Over the years it’s been my pleasure to work with Sue Chipperton on a variety of commercial productions, ranging from 13 spots for the famous Taco Bell talking Chihuahua campaign to the Aflac duck and a variety of other projects with different animals too numerous to list.  As a First Assistant Director I count on the professionals I work with to come through when expected.  Sue does that and more.  Not once has she mislead me on what her animals can deliver and Sue approaches each setup in a thoughtful and thorough manner.  When faced with an issue in trying to achieve a shot, Sue doesn’t equivocate—she’s direct and it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about. Quite honestly I wish I had more opportunities to work with Sue.  She’s one of the people in our industry who “gets it"."

Lee Blaine, 1st assistant director

 too many commercials to mention

"Its an awesome talent that Sue shares with all her animals.  I have fallen in love time after time with Sue's animals, and I delight in her rapport with them.  She just gets it when it comes to studio animals, and I have only seen smiles and coaxing from her during training. No wonder they all do what she wants.  Great acting coaches often make a good actor better. A great animal trainer likewise brings the absolute best out of any beast.  Sue is a champion for all the  dogs".  

Missy Stewart, production designer

Moonlight Mile, Legally Blonde 2, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton and Monster-in-Law.


"Most of the animals that Sue has brought onto sets where I've worked have been better behaved than the actual actors".  

David Alan Basche, actor

Oh, Grow Up, Three Sisters,  The Starter Wife.

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